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1 kg (2.2 lb)

San Roel Premium Coffee

Arabica Coffee Beans

(Medium Roast)

Ground Coffee also available

1 LB


San Roel Premium Coffee

Arabica Ground Coffee

(Medium Roast)

No label

We facilitate the ability for you to start your own brand providing coffee for wholesale and retail.

Pluma Hidalgo Medium Roast
(Coffee beans / Ground Coffee)

  • Have your battery at max level with one of the best sources of energy.
  • Clear your mind to with the clarity and focus that specialty coffee brings you.
  • Delight yourself with the delicious taste of specialty arabica beans from the world’s land of coffee.
  • Stop suffering from stomach pain with the low acidity of each serving.
  • Among the 5 best types of coffee in the world 100% natural.

Why Us?​

San Roel Premium Coffee is a unique grain of specialty coffee cultivated in the Pluma Hidalgo Oaxaca region, with special characteristics that are comparable with world-class coffees such as Colombian, Guatemalan or Jamaican.

The Calcareous soil and high humidity of the region combine to make a very aromatic, rich in body and outstanding acidity product that distinguishes from others by its special origins, upper cup characteristics, biodiverse cultivation zone, production technology and ecological processing. A product that is enough alone and is not necessary to mix, limited and identified in an specific area of the worlds coffee map.

Restaurants and Food Chains

Perfect for any type of restaurant, bakery or food chains. Good food goes with good coffee.

Public Services and Retail Stores

Universities, funeral services, government facilities as well as retail stores are among the most coffee consuming places in the US.

Wholesale Stores and Corporate Locations

Big corporate offices need to keep their employees energized, by having the best wholesale prices in the market we make sure our clients needs are satisfied.


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